I am no twitter girl. In fact, my husband’s comment to my news regarding my new twitter account was that he did not think I knew what twitter was (but I did know in fact, thanks to my sister and a few other friends). But here it is. My account is the same as this blog name karinadoula. I intend it purely professionally to inform about what I as a doula (combined with a social anthropologist) would have to say or  do (therefore, no, I will not be tweeting from my mobile phone, I don’t even have the option) .

Among other things, I have finished the DONA (which means Doulas of North America as it turns out) International postpartum doula training. It was very intense. We were advised to take two days to let it rest. I have taken three. Will reflect about it in writing soon. There was a lot to think about and a lot of amazing women to meet. Our trainer was great too. Ann Grauer. She has been involved in the doula movement from the very start here in the USA.