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Aleksandra (16 months) and Oliver (almost 4 years of age) are at the playground next to a nursery school, when a group of about 15 three year olds come out from the nursery school to run around and play.

About  five boys surround Aleksandra, who looks like a caterpillar in her knit jumper and rainpants. One of them announces to the teacher: “We found something.” Aleksandra is eying them all very bravely and somewhat curiously. Teachers come to look what they have found, conclude that it is a baby and tell them to leave the baby alone and not scare the little guy (it is not pink, so it must be a boy).

By then Oliver has joined the group and announce proudly: “It is my baby.” The other boys surround him and Aleksandra again. Two girls nearby gasp: “How cute.” They are not much bigger than Aleksandra themselves 🙂 The boys seem to be in awe of the baby and Oliver’s announcement. One of them volunteers: ” I also have a baby at home. He is one.”