I have developed an interesting side-effect from my newly gained douling career (which has not began properly, as you might know). I have started to appreciate my old one – that is the one of a social anthropologist, in which I do not feel like complete and utter novice. And thus I am putting all my efforts into applying to a PhD program at the moment, which also explains the lack of posts.  It is a long shot, but I do believe that if it is meant to be, it will happen. All I have to do is to do my best (it does help that I did GRE 3 years ago already, and time has made me forget how average the score was). Doulas and birthing are in the center of my PhD proposal however. Apparently, being a doula and an anthropologist is not that rear.   There is a very good blog called anthrodoula by a PhD student in Medical Anthropology that has loads of good information both on anthropology of reproduction and doula work.