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A fellow post-partum doula (or as I still think to myself – a real doula) told me on first meeting me in October right after I moved to the Bay area, that she felt like I needed a hug and a lot of support just like a post-partum mom because I had just moved. And this is how I have been feeling. This is partly why I have not felt like I have it in me to support anybody but my immediate family and even that is challenging, hence the doula work has not really been a priority. One really needs to take care of oneself before taking care of others or helping anybody. So I went to yoga yesterday. A very nice studio not far from home (which is extra-ordinary, as Outer Richmond definitely does not sport a wealth of local businesses) called Purusha Studio, that had surprisingly raving reviews on yelp. I enjoyed my class too. So my New Year’s Resolution on this blog will be to work more on my post-partum doula career and on this website, to update the permanent part of it and to post at least once a week. Happy New Year!!!!