It has been over 3 months since I took the DONA post-partum doula training. I have been very happy to participate in the Doula support group once a month, but other than that not much else has been accomplished until now, when I have finally sat down to look over my notes and chart-out a course of action.

So here is what a DONA certified doula should do according to the training.  She schould be NEAR, which stands for: 

Nurture – nurtures the family with her loving heart and hands and meets them where they are, offering them non-judgemental support;

Educate – educated the family by modeling behavior, observing and offering options;

Assess –  is constantly assessing the environment  in order to assist the family;

Refer – she provides resources and referrals to families, and assists them to develop the skills to seek out resources and referrals.

What doulas DO:

1)   Doulas help find confidence

2)   They work themselves out of their job

3)   They teach physical skills and coping skills

4)   Assist with household organization

5)   Help to discover what kind of parent you want to be

6)   Teach parenting 24/7 coping skills

What post-partum doulas DON’T DO:

1)   Educate according to their own beliefs or personal experience

2)   Judge their clients and their family members and friends

3)   Diagnose conditions in the mother or any other family member

4)   Overstep her boundaries and consider themselves the expert while functioning in her role as the doula

5)   Perform clinical and medical tasks (such as taking temperature or checking the stitches or giving medication to mom or baby)

6)   Drive parents and/or baby.