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I have a writer’s block. Maybe it is because we are finally doing the touristy things around here (my mom is visiting) and there is an overproduction of experiences which coupled with my newest addiction to a Korean soap opera/TV show called My lovely Sam-soon  is definitely straining my possibilities to write and reflect.

Normally, I do not watch TV, probably because I have an addictive edge when it comes to a good plot (which this show has  btw, it is about a chubby (relatively speaking) woman who is 30 and unmarried in Korea, but has a sparkling personality and bakes cakes for living). I can as well get addicted to a good plot in a book. I just need to know what will happen (which pre-kids meant I could stay reading in my pajamas the whole day, post-kids it sometimes means that they have a very unresponsive mom who is constantly trying to sneak away to her book).

This I learn can be inherited, because my mom reads books the same way. She needs to know what the end will be before she starts reading the book in depth (see – word by word), because how else would you know it is a good book to read? This might seem ludicrous to a lot of people (my husband included), but I am sure there are some people out there, who will understand me (and my mom). I generally do not like to know the end before I start a book or a movie, but it is certainly the plot development that I am interested at first, which is why we both skim books until we know what will happen and them we re-read them. I know people who will never re-read a book, but not I. If there is a good book, I will re-read it many times, as each reading can provide a new insight into it. it is not so with life though, we cannot skip forward to see what the plot development will lead us to, so we just have to go on in good faith that all will work out well at the end.

In this stage of my having been replanted or rather having chosen to be replanted to the Bay area, which I self-assess as the stage when the plants roots are still very shallow and have not reached the necessary depth for any real nutrition but the most superficial, I am very eager to know how the plot of my new life will develop, as I have many doubts and fears with a a huge dose of homesickness (for my life in Latvia) on top. The older I get, the harder I find the process of moving from one place to another. Upon replying to a friends inquest about a possible summer nanny job in the Bay area, i just realized that I have not met almost any other moms here that I can even ask about it. So, if there is anybody out there, who needs a student nanny in July and August from Latvia with plenty of baby-sitting experience, let me know.

But as for the plot of my life, I will for now commit to enjoying the details: the elephant seals we saw yesterday, the oyster’s we ate in Tomales bay with friends and my mom, the famous San Francisco cable car I took after freezing for at least an hour in a line with Oliver, whose eyes lit up on the ride, and my mom… the date we went out with Sherwin to the neighborhood cafe that had live music on a Monday night performed by a jazz trio (of which two of the performers were over 60 years old, distinguished gray men and very good)….. etc. etc…..