Yesterday  I had the honor of attending somebody else’s birth but my own and my children’s. It was also my first hospital birth in 34 years, the first having been my own. I never meant to be a birth doula, but the circumstances demanded and I rose to the occasion. As I have not been authorized to disclose any details by the parents, I just wanted to comment on my own personal feeling about it, and it is very similar to the one that Aviva Romm, the midwife (and now a doctor) whose books were of enormous help while I was expecting my own babies, has expressed in this powerful post comparing the hospital births she has been participating in as a doctor in residency for the last 6 years (after having been a homebirth midwife for years) and a recent home birth of her granddaughter she was fortunate to attend. Hereby I also have to express my gratitude to all the homebirth midwives in the world, including Aviva and of course Dina Ceple, the Latvian midwife who actually delivered both of my children, who have had an enormous impact on how I view birth, a miraculous and a natural process.