Let’s see. What have I done lately.

1) Dyed Easter eggs in onion peels and blueberry jam. A technique practiced by many Latvians (blueberries are not as common as the onions), which I  highly recommend. A bit more complicated with Aleksandra trying to break the raw eggs before bundling them up with the peels, but it worth it all the same.

2) Went to Santa Cruz, a small university city on the coast with Sherwin,  the kids and their Latvian babysitter, who is visiting. 🙂

3) Found out from a caring heating efficiency professional that we had asbestos tape in our heat ducts, that has been there for ever (i.e. that Sherwin grew up with it). It was not even his job to look for it, so I am very grateful. This is what happens when one starts doing home improvements. And then one wonders how many other hidden flaws there are in the place you live in.

4) Started preparing the Childhood ethnography course that I am going to deliver while in Latvia this summer.

5) Watched too much of  Korean mini-series … they are addictive…. so don’t even start watching them, but if you want to – Pasta is a good one.

6) Started to dream about what we will do in Latvia this summer. We are leaving on May 1st and will be there until August 1st.

7) Hanged out with some newborn babies. That was… oh… so lovely….