Hmmmm…. I have been reading a lot of books lately. I will attempt to review them for the Book Review section (some time in the future), because some of them were particularly interesting.  I have been both preparing for my Childhood Ethnography course (that I will teach in Latvia in May)  and  exploring different parenting styles, other than the all too familiar attachment style of parenting, that we have been practicing for four years.

I have read the book by the infamous (for attachment parents) tiger mom Amy Chua and found it well written and frank, but it did not convince me that the tiger mom parenting style would work for me. I think I would loose my mind, if I put so much pressure on myself and my kids. Have also been reading about what  the French feminist Elisabeth Badinter has to say about why breastfeeding is an impediment to achieving equal rights for women in a very good analytical piece in BrainChild magazine Spring 2012.  This one was not online, but there were several others that were great and that can be read online, so please check them out here. I have not read the book by Elisabeth Badinter, so I will reserve my opinion for now on that. And just because I like to approach the issue from all different perspectives, I will read the “Bring up Bebe. One American Mother discovers French parenting” by Pamela Druckerman, when I can check it out from the library.  Also read a book that among others schools trashed my Alma Mater Mount Holyoke called “Who Stole Feminism. How women have betrayed women.” It was not bad actually. I mean, I never was a complete fan of an all women’s institution, but  you know how it is when somebody strikes close to heart, it is hard to really be objective. Her basic argument is that the current feminist movement and she uses the example (MoHo women will love this) of the Smith college (and several others) are more anti-men than pro-women and are pretty scared to really look at their movement introspectively.

And I went to the UC Berkeley Anthropology library yesterday to do some childhood ethnography related reading. That felt heavenly. I think I will try again to apply to a Phd program there or UC San Francisco (they did not accept me for the medical anthro program) some time in the future. I just belong in a library (as long as I get to get some outdoors time as well.)