How to breastfeed

The beginning of nursing my first child was difficult and painful. I wish I had seen this video back then, that explains so well how to breastfeed painlessly. It still takes practice, but what is most important – your baby knows how to breastfeed. If let alone on mom’s chest in between breasts (while mom is reclining back comfortably) on mom’s bare skin he or she will latch on eventually him or herself. It is important to keep in mind that it might take a while to latch on, because sometimes babies want to look and feel their mother instead of feeding. All the mom has to do is to relax, talk to the baby and support his or her back and shoulders (not neck).

Once the latch on is perfected, it will be easier to feed in other positions (football hold saved me personally when my nipples had blisters on them), but it is important to remember that your child ALWAYS needs to take most of the nipple in his or her mouth (not just the tip of it). And.. one more thing… never take your baby away from the breast by pulling him or her, that will hurt (the mom and perhaps baby’s feeling) like hell and contribute to the soreness. Put your finger in your baby’s mouth to break the suck before pulling him or her away instead.

Good luck!

Click here for the video.


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