About karinadoula

My name is Karina. I am a mother of two young children, a boy and a girl, I have traveled around the world and worked in unusual places such as Kosovo, where I met my husband, hold an inclination towards social analysis (and a Masters degree in Social Anthropology), moved to San Francisco area in October 2011 from Latvia, where I am from, and am embarking on the journey of helping other mothers help themselves by training to become a postpartum doula. I am hoping to document this process (my children permitting) in this blog, as well as share some of what I have learned along the way. My intention is to write about once a week. And, yes, I am discovering gardening… and gophers along with it…


2 thoughts on “About karinadoula”

  1. Hi Karina – I just wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed following your blog. I’m passing along two awards to you, the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. Here’s the link to my post…. http://anaturemom.com/2012/04/19/thank-you-liebster-award-versatile-blogger-award/ . I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

    • Thank you. I feel honored. I will look into it more some time when I will not be covered by two kids. The zoo was really fun btw. we saw an elephant take a bath.

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