Breastfeeding Help

If you feel like you might need help breastfeeding, you can contact your local La Leche League chapter.  La Leche Leaders usually provide phone support seven days per week, and there are monthly meetings in most Bay Area locations, that you can attend with your baby. Here is the link for the one in Northern California and San Francisco. You can also hire a Certified Lactation Consultant, but I do not yet have any recommendations, as I am still in the exploration process myself.  What I personally found really helpful was going to the monthly La Leche meetings, as I could meet other moms who breastfed and talk with them.

NOTE: If you are concerned about a medical problem (like weight loss in your newborn, breast-related illness (mastitis for example) in you etc.), you of course need to consult with a medical professional!!!

As part of my post-partum doula certification, I need to compile a list of local resources,  breastfeeding help included, so  I  will add names and resources to the page, as soon as I have done it.


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